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Individual, Couple, Group

Do you have concerns related to:

Complicated Relationship Arrangements
Consensual Non Monogamy
Gender Identity
Gender Identity in the Military
Kinky practices and Other Lifestyle interest
Lack of Desire/Loss of Desire
Monogamy Challenges
Orgasm Concerns
Sexual Orientation and Identity Concerns
Sexual performance
Sexual shame
Sexual Self-Acceptance
Sex Workers
Transgender Care(HRT and GRS)

Organizations, Hospitals, Business

Are you in need of education and training for your staff or business related to:

Gender Identity in the workplace
Gender Variant Community
Sexual Identity in the workplace
Treating/Advocating for those of the Transgender and Gender Variant Community
In House Consultations for Clients and Patients

Consultations for Mental Health and Sexual Health Professionals

Therapist, Psychiatrist, Social Workers, Sex Therapist, Sexual Educators:

Questions related to Kink practices and Other Lifestyle Interest
Transgender Clients and Patients
Intersex/DSD Clients and Patients
Gender Identity
LGB Clients

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