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How do I know if I need or should seek therapy?

Everyone is different. However overall many individuals seek therapy when they are unable to find the answers to or need additional help with an event(whether past or present) they have experience(d).

How long is treatment/therapy?

I often get asked this question and the answer is, there are no “one size fit all approaches” to this answer. Some may come for 1 to 2 visits others for 10 or more. However, the average time client’s seek therapy over all is from 6 to 10 sessions. How long and how frequent you spend in therapy will depend on you, the therapist, and the issues at hand.

If I go to counseling does this mean I am "crazy"?

No, just because you seek counseling/therapy services it does not mean you are “crazy”. In fact for me at the Bailey House of Wellness, this term does not exist. I feel by using this term it only solidifies the current stereotypes and myths surrounding mental and sexual health and often prevents individuals from seeking services. While some may have mental health illnesses which are defined by the Diagnostic Manual of Statistical Manual-5 others may not. Please be sure to express these concerns with your provider during your first visit.

How do I know the therapist is right for me?

You as the client have the right to pick and choose who will provide services to you. I always recommend you ask the therapist if they provide either a free phone or in person consultation. During this time you (the client) and he/she(the therapist) can discuss and figure out whether you want to continue the professional relationship. Be sure to inquire about the therapist speciality, the client population they treat, and any other information you feel is necessary before you make your first appointment.

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