Ieshai Bailey, LMHC, CST

PHD Candidate, Board Certified Sex Therapist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I began my journey growing up in Brooklyn, NY. I had the privilege to learn at an early age about the LGB, Transgender, and Kink/Poly community long before I knew I would seek training and specialize in these areas. Having family, friends, and working with those whose gender and sexuality were on a spectrum, I began to realize we live in a world that was unaccepting to those who did not identify as heterosexual or cisgender.

After graduating high school at the young age of 17, I enlisted and earned the title of becoming a United States Marine. After receiving a honorable discharge, it was then I made the decision to pursue my educational and professional goals. My experiences both personal and professional not only propelled me into my current career, but helped me as a Black female understand the privilege I may have over another (never thought I would say this) as well as the many racial, socioeconomic, and sexual discrimination I myself have experienced in our culture. This is why I am adamant about promoting awareness and advocating for People of Color within the communities I serve. It is the reason I will forever consider myself a student of life. I will continue to educate my self clinically and grow personally as a human being.

“…I began to realize we live in a world that was unaccepting to those who did not identify as heterosexual or cisgender”.

Board Certified Sex Therapist and Transgender Care Therapist | Sex Therapy Training Institute, Miami Florida

Becoming a Sex Therapist and Transgender Care Therapist has become one of the best decisions I could have ever made. Sex and the topic of sex is still consider taboo; I am so humbled to be a sex positive and affirming individual as well as psychotherapist. I earned my Board Certification from the Sex Therapy Training Institute(STTI) and my Board Certification in Transgender Care from the International Transgender Certification Association(ITCA). Both institutes founder and Director Dr. Carol Clark, has been a leader since the early 90’s in Sex Therapy and Transgender Care. She is a world renowned Sex Therapist, Clinical Sexologist, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Along with 4 other prolific women: Dr. Marilyn Volker, Dr. Maylin Batista, Dr. Cristina Sabroso, and Jessica Lam who make up the board for the International Transgender Certification Association, I was able to receive extensive training in Transgender Care and care for the Gender Non-Conforming/Gender Variant Communities; in addition to obtaining 150 hours and 10 hours of supervision of post graduate education in sex therapy. The state of Florida is the only state in the country having strict educational guidelines in order to use the Title “Sex Therapist.”

My Résumé


PHD Candidate | International Institute of Clinical Sexology/Miami, Florida

I am currently in the dissertation phase of my PHD focusing on research on Transgender African American Women in the Sex Work Industry. My research is due for completion and publication in July 2017.

Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling/Licensed Mental Health Counselor | Capella University/Minneapolis Minnesota

I received my clinical training under the direction of Dr. Christian Dean while obtaining my Masters Degree at Capella University. I then went on and completed a year internship with the Jacksonville University Counseling Center, supervised by Dr. Jennifer King-Weldon and Dr. Kristin Alberts.

Alternative Sexuality Competent Therapist/San Francisco, California

The National Coalition For Sexual Freedom (NCSF) designates Kink Aware Professionals as one who has “specific knowledge of kink concepts and lifestyles.” For me it was important not only to be aware and knowledgeable, but competent as well. After considerable research I registered to attend a workshop series held by TASHRA(The Alternatives Sexualities Health Research Alliance) and CARAS( Community Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities). The workshop helps psychotherapist as myself better understand and work with those within the Kink, BDSM, Poly, Fetish, and Leather communities. I completed the workshop series in February 2016. Since this time, I have become a Mentor with CARAS Mentoring Program which aids students and early career professionals who are seeking to work with the Alternative Sexuality Communities in both private practice and agency settings.

TASHRA has created the Bay Area’s first Kink Mental Health Clinic and at a low cost. To learn more visit and

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Educational Background/Jacksonville, Florida

I obtained my Associates Degree from Florida Community College at Jacksonville, and went on to obtain my Bachelor’s of Social Science with a minor in Psychology from Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Florida.