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Alternative Sexuality Competent Therapy

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Providing Services for: Gender Variant and Sexual Variant Communities

About me

PHD Candidate, Board Certified Sex Therapist and  Transgender Care Therapist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Alternative Sexuality Competent Therapist

What I can do for you

Individual, Couple, Group

Complicated Relationship Arrangements

Cultural and Religious Concerns related to sexual/gender variance
Consensual Non Monogamy
Gender Identity
Gender Identity in the Military
Kinky practices and Other Lifestyle interest
Lack of Desire/Loss of Desire
Monogamy Challenges
Orgasm Concerns
Sexual Orientation and Identity Concerns
Sexual performance
Sexual shame
Sexual Self-Acceptance
Concern Related to Sex Work Practices
Transgender Care(HRT and GRS)

Organizations, Businesses, Professionals

Gender Identity in the Workplace/Academia

Consult/Education on Treating Sexual/Gender Variant Individuals
Sexual Identity in the Workplace/Academia

Supporting Transgender/Gender Variant Individuals

Questions related to Kink practices and
Other Lifestyle Interest

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